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WOW!  We have just come to the conclusion of the most intense summer season EVER, at Canine Connection.  Our board and train program has gone through the roof, with 23 dogs at the height of the season.  (If you were considering a B&T, you might want to get it scheduled, now, as this phase of our business typically drops off in the fall.  If you have had any doubts about the success of this program, the volume speaks for itself.) We had so many dogs in board and train that we had to stop teaching any classes, this summer, at our studio...We had dogs boarding where we normally teach. 

That being said...Paula Weir, at "All Fur Fun" in Addison TX...YOU ROCK!  Paula came through with the space and Karen has been able to teach four classes out there this summer.  I'm writing this little blog to let you know that OUR fall schedule is now up and running. Even though we will be holding classes here at Canine Connection, we'll still have some class offerings at AFF, with Paula.  I will also be teaching a few classes there after the first of the year.

Even though we were swamped, we did the take the time to study and train.  We had our first vacation in 10 years, a trip to Baltimore, MD.  Well, we called it a vacation, but it was really in the guise of a wonderful workshop...Bob Bailey's and Parvene  Farhoody's "Chicken Camp".  A lot of trainers will tell you it's about training chickens, but it is really about training trainers.  (...A little Chicken told me that Bob and Parvene may be coming here after the first of the year to do some camps.  Stay Tuned!!!!!!)

Also, before I forget, C-WAGS Texas, is the newest and most exciting sport to hit Texas.  Not only is the sport competitive, it is designed to help first time competitors feel comfortable in the ring.  It also teaches you the proper way to train and prepare for the many varieties of sporting events that C-WAGS encompasses. You've got to, got to, GOT TO check out C-WAGS!


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