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We hope you all survived the holidays!  Now it's time to get down to business...Dog training business, that is.  2014 has wrapped up and we're ready to take 2015 by storm.  It's going to be a great year!!!

Check out our schedule page, for the 2015 winter class schedule.  Just click on the button above and you'll be directed to that page.  We have basic obedience/manners class offering's, several classes geared toward competition, behavior modification related classes, and our newest class...A class just for KIDS taught by...Well...A KID!!!  

Our kids' class instructor,  Mette Rasmussen  came to us over a year and half ago.  She is home schooled, so for the last year and half she has helped us train dogs for three days a week.  She lives and breaths dog training.  Her passion has re-energized, both, Karen and I.  Oh, and did I mention...Mette is 12 years old???  Even though Mette will take the lead in this class, Karen and/or I will be there to assist.  The class will be limited to 4 dog and handler teams.  At least one parent needs to attend each class.  the curriculum will cover basic obedience and Mette will throw in some tricks.

Also, don't forget, Karen will be teaching four more classes at "All Fur Fun" in Addison TX.  The following offerings will be available at AFF. Competitive Obedience and Rally, Reactive Integration (Levels 1 and 2), and Play and Handling.  For those that are juggling schedules, Reactive Integration 1 and Play and Handling are also offered here.

Let's train some dogs!!!

         See you soon,



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