Who They Are:

In 1992, Karen Vass, while working with a local Humane Society, quickly realized the need to educate clients on canine behavior...Far too many dogs were being destroyed because of behavioral problems. She found with education, training, & behavior modification, more dogs successfully adapted to a family environment. Canine Connection was founded in 1994 to train owners to connect with their canine partners. Karen met Bob Deeds in 1998, when she was asked to help his volunteer search and rescue team with a new training technique..."Clicker Training".

         In 2003, Karen and Bob teamed up to develop a program that was built around the needs of their clients...Real World Training. Bob, having returned from searching Ground Zero with his K9 Kinsey, after 9/11, believed that people could accomplish much more with their pets if they understood their dogs' potential. Karen and Bob, utilizing proven, scientific based, positive techniques, set out to enhance the overall relationship with dog and owner...A Real World understanding of what you can achieve.

         By 2004, their training took into consideration the needs of the owner and the needs of the dog, bringing both together in a way that few trainers can achieve with their clients. Their combined knowledge of technique and canine behavior allow every family/pack to reach their potential. (By the way, in 2005, "Vass" became "Deeds"...)

Karen was also the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association's, 2009 "Community Service Award" winner, for her work in the field of canine aggression. In 2010, Karen received the Association of Pet Dog Trainers award, for "Community Educator of the Year". Bob has trained, certified, and handled three dogs in disaster search and rescue, in FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue program. His partner, Kinsey, was one of the recipients of the PDSA Dickin Medal...A British award, the highest award in the world that an animal can receive for gallantry. In 2007, Kinsey was inducted into the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association's, "Hall of Fame". Bob is currently an evaluator for FEMA's federal K9 program where he tests dog and handler teams, nationwide, for certification.  In 2013 both Bob and Karen received the Dog Scouts of America, "Good Scout Award", recognizing both of them for their service to Dog Scouts. 

Bob and Karen have taught at seminars and conferences in Texas, as-well-as, other parts of the U.S.  They are sought after for their expertise in training and behavior modification.

Karen became a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, in October of 2013.

How They Train:

ALL training is science based.  BUT NOT ALL TRAINING IS EQUAL! The Deeds' use the same science based methods that are used to train animals at major aquariums and zoos around the world. It is a combination of classical and operant conditioning that opens up a new level of understanding between you and your dog. All of their obedience is geared toward getting your dog off-leash. How far you will go, is in large part, up to you.  They have a group class or customized program that will fit your budget and lifestyle.  Karen and Bob continue to attend dozens of seminars and conferences each year...Always educating themselves, so they can bring their clients the most up-to-date information in training and behavior. 

Canine Connection, Bob & Karen Deeds 2012

7720 Nine Mile Bridge Road
Fort Worth, Texas  76135
Owned and Operated
by Bob & Karen Deeds
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